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About Us


Manas Infotech was founded in Mumbai,India in 2009 with core principles of hard work and always learning philosophy. Started with 1 employee company and no alliances, now Manas Infotech has several skilled employees and alliances with several companies having expertise in several areas.


Manas Infotech acts like a family to employees and responsible business support house for clients. Customer Relationship management is given a high value in Manas Infotech and thus we have clients working with us from last 2+ years constantly and providing us repetative opportunities. With varied clientele, we understand requirements of clients and provide the best solutions and value-additions to improve product.


Manas Infotech parrallely works on different areas which includes business process outsourcing, support services, implementation services etc. Manas Infotech also helps charitable non-profit organisation, which helps people in need and towards upliftment of human kind and enhancing world class education.